Who is the better trader, Paulson or Cohen?

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    So last year's results are in, Paulson made his 2nd huge win and possibly the biggest profit for one person in a year:

    "Hedge-fund manager John Paulson personally netted more than $5 billion in profits in 2010—likely the largest one-year haul in investing history, trumping the nearly $4 billion he made with his "short" bets against subprime mortgages in 2007."

    "One way to view the size of Mr. Paulson's $5 billion profit: It is nearly as much as the $6.4 billion that Forbes magazine last year estimated as the total net worth of Steven Cohen, the well-known head of $12 billion hedge-fund firm SAC Capital. (Mr. Cohen likely added about $1 billion in 2010, one investor says, after 16% gains in his flagship fund)."


    Who would you count as a better trader, Paulson with 2 giant sized bets, or Cohen delivering outstanding results for decades?

    Edit: I tried to make this a poll but screwed it up, if a mod could fix it....
  2. To be fair Paulson did not just make 2 huge bets, he has been profitable 16 of the 17 years he has run his fund. And the last time he had a loss was in 1998. While he wasnt the only one betting against housing, he was the ballest. At the same time he has made a killing betting on financials and gold. He is the real deal.
  3. I'll take Paulson over Stevie "frontrun the news" Cohen.