Who is the better technician, Alan Farley or Gary B. Smith?

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    I subscribe to Real Money and I been reading the charts from Alan Farley and Gary B. Smith. I read at least 5 books on technical analysis, and been reading the charts from Real Money for over a year. I would like to subscribe to one of them for a year. I guess I could get the free trial for Alan Farley and Gary B. Smith and decide for myself. The problem is I like both of their picks, and I like the way both of them, show and explain why they pick that particular stock. I figure that is a good way to learn technical analysis.

    I did a search on elitetrader for information on both of them but it didn't help me. So I hope someone can help me with this. The question is again, who is the better technician, Alan Farley or Gary B. Smith. Thank you in advance.


  2. How could you possibly conclude who is better? better at what? the question is ludicrous and there is no reasonable answer, basically, the ques is BS.

    It's like asking, "who is the better president, clinton or bush?" better at what? ...bj's in the west wing?

    Better to ask, "what are their strengths and weaknesses as you see it?"
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    I guess I could get the free trial for Alan Farley and Gary B. Smith and decide for myself.

    Looks like you answered your own question! If, after the free trials, you still can't decide then spring for both of them. It's certainly cheap enough when you consider the cost over an entire year.
  4. I fully agree with Protrader and I also urge you to follow Magna's advice.
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    I tried Gary Smith's service for 2 months and then cancelled. I could come up with many of the same picks myself using TC2000 and the scans that Gary published in "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities" a couple of years ago. I will say that the question and answer portion of the service was great. That's where I think the value is in his service. If you don't have TC2000 and have no desire to go through hundreds of charts every night then his service is probably worth it.

    I've read Master Swing trader by Alan Farley and didn't like it very much. I thought it was another over priced finacial book and ended up selling it on eBay.

    You may want to search the archives on RealMoney to get an idea of the methodologies that these two traders use.
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    I want to thank eveyone for the reply, except ProTrader1 and Candletrader for their ludicrous answer. I'm going to sign up with Gary B. Smith and Alan Farley for the two weeks. I been trading for over 10 years, but for the past two years I been a short term trader and enjoy it a lot. I thought there were people on this newsgroup who were familiar with their service.

    ProTrader1 and Candletrader, I though this newsgroup is for helping people with their questions. You sound very angry. I been taking my father who has cancer to the hospital for treatments. I see people who are there suffering from cancer. LIFE IS TO SHORT. Lighten up, ProTrader1 and Candletrader.

  7. shortboy blows those dummies away.

    results speak for themselves.

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    Protrader1 might have used his original style to answer your question but the question really doesn't make sense.
    I have a suggestion, how about your own picks?? Assuming you know about money management and risk control.
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    After all, you said you have been studying TA for a year or so. Why not to do your own thing then???
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    Gary B. Smith posts his trades and yearly results. So we know he actually trades full time. His TA is also simpler which I prefer. Alan's style may be more to your liking though so you may want to try out both. I personally wouldn't spend money on a stock picker newsletter so my opinion may not be worth anything.
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