Who is the best Real Tick broker?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by zxcv1fu, Aug 28, 2003.

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  2. terra
  3. Why? All RT brokers offer basically the same thing.

    Criteria for me would be rates, clearing firm and how easy they are to deal with. Some RT shops are small enough that you will usually talk to the same person and get to know them. I like that.
  4. I base it on customer service when I have had issues that need to be resolved, and on the reports that TNT offers on their website.

  5. www.terranovaonline.com

    phone: 1-866-866-6546

    excellent customer service, website, reports, account analysis and everything else.

    just to pricey for me (closed my account this week)
  6. omcate


    You are right. Just visited their web site. Too expensive for me too:

    Competitive Options Pricing: $9.00 per trade plus $1.75 per contract.

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    JPR Capital's commission is $10 per ticket plus any ECN fees if applicable. They do not charge ECN fees if your order adds liquidity. The commissions are better than Terra Nova's, but there sure seem to be a lot of happy Terra Nova and MB Trading customers.
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    I think each broker charge different ECN fees.
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