who is the best options trader in this forum ?

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  1. who is the best options trader in this forum ?

    I want to enter a challenge with you to up my game.
  2. Ahh~...The Million dollar question...I've been asking, and/or wondering, who that would be... :wtf:

    'Who is the Best Trader here', Period (past and/or present)...Regardless of what you trade and how...And none of that other risk-adjusted returns and bs other deviation anal excuse metrics etc etc

    Just a Simple question, followed by a simple...direct answer.
    As for the challenge, I wouldn't be personally interested either way if I am or not.
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  3. spy guy

    spy guy

    there are different kinds of best. some have more knowledge of fancy complicated trades. some like me only do simple directional calls and puts. the results are what counts. after 106 winning trades in a row i think it will be rare for me to have a losing trade. in fact i cant see ever having a losing trade again. does not sound real but it is a fact. i only trade spy options and pick my spots, it has to be right for me or i dont trade. a lot of days i cant trade at all because it is not right for me, i sell when i have a good profit and a lot of days i am out of the market. i have been a trader since 1989 and had a lot of losses until i found a method that works, i keep my trades very simple. my wins have been between 400.00 to 10800.00. some of my best wins are on down days in the market. there are probably better traders than me. but i dont want to change what i am doing.
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  4. spy guy, like your response, maybe we can swap some ideas if not do a challenge
    I prefer calls and puts and my front bench is SPY, SVXY, UVXY, VXX.
    I will also do some vertical spreads and sell some cash secured puts.
    Check out my journal here, trading in luxury, to see what I have been doing in the past, but I want to get more simple and focused and think if I can swap ideas with some one who is winning it will help me. I had a win year last year, but want to up my game.
  5. thanks for the reply, I just want to really up my game this year, pressure helps.
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  6. What's your metric?
    - Raw Account Growth
    - % of Winning Trades
    - High Sharpe, Sortino and Calmar Ratios of 5 and better?
    - Reduced Drawdowns
    - Or speedier recoveries from draw-downs?
    - Higher number of up days when compared against an index?

    I posted my results on a previous thread under "Hook-Ups". But my criteria maybe different from yours.
  7. read your thread, approach is interesting, i want to go to a more simple, focused method
    going forward.
    Fewer underlyings, move away from individual stocks, use simple strategies,
    avoid repair methods, keep hedges simple.
    willing to exchange ideas....
  8. truetype


    Possibly @sle
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    What about when that ABC reporter tanked the market on the fake Trump-Russia news? You didn't have a mark-to-market loss at that moment?
  10. You are.
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