Who is the BEST Futures Broker/Trading Platform

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by daytraderpc, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    I am looking to open another Futures account for 24 hrs trading.

    I am currently trading thru TerraNova Online (Realtick), but they only offer Emini Futures Trading (Day Session).

    I have been looking into a few brokers/platforms:

    ProEdgeOnline.com (J-Trader) seems to be the most favorable so far.

    Interactive Brokers (TWS). Like their cheap rates but hear that they have outages and lousy support.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you ...PC
  2. mojo59


    Hi daytraderpc,
    I like jtrader platform. What is the commission rate for proedgeonline? Thanks.
  3. Ditch


    Are you kidding, IB rules this business!
  4. Rates are lower than most and platform is fast.

    They offer FFastFill and Patsystems through GNI.
  5. mojo59


    Hi Ditch,
    My experience with IB wasn't so great. If I had tech problems or needed to contact someone there fast, I went through a menu, etc., etc. The stress involved with that and sometimes losses while waiting wasn't worth the commission saved as adv.futures is another $1.00 r/t. I like IB's platform but I like jtrader also so that's a wash. Maybe IB's support is better now. I'd like to hear from other IB users regarding support. Thanks.
  6. Ditch


    I've been with Ib since one year, at the beginning they had connection problems, but since June the connection is rock solid. Also I have no complaints about customer service, always been treated correct on the phone and the problem solved quickly. Of about the 20 times i contacted them, had only one bad experience. I use TWS in combination with bracket-trader, it doesn't get easier than that. IMHO, IB is one of the few companies that really delivers the goods.
  7. IB ain't so good...

    It's just more applicable to smaller traders...
  8. Ditch


    What do you call small and can you be a litlle more specific about what ain't so good?
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    It was to the NYSE program trading stats for December. IB is usually in the top five with over 100 million shares per week. The info was to back up my assertion that IB is not just for smaller traders. Some very large funds and institutions trade via IB.
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