Who is the best for 2016

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  1. jem


    I don't always vote Republican ( I voted for Perot) but when I do, I prefer these qualities.

    1. Must be better than Hillary.
    2. Must be for drastically lowering or eliminating income taxes.
    3. Must be for sealed borders and elimination of amnesty
    4 Could be a real leader like Reagan who could pass a powerful contract for america type reform
    5. Actually creates a new and better contract for America that will dislodge establishment republicans and democrats... leaving behind real conservatives and old school liberals who believe in liberty... but may also want single payer.
    7. Energy independence plans

    Now not everyone candidate will meet these qualifications at the moment ...
    and we don't know everyone full platform...

    so here are the current rankings

    Ted Cruz...

    choices with potential:
    Scott Walker
    Rand Paul
    Donald Trump
    Ben Carson

    rejected due to incompetence, lying to america directly or a lying family member:

    jeb bush
    hillary Clinton
    elizabeth Warren
    obama (michelle)


    feel free to make good pro freedom type suggestions.

    in other words the typical big govt leftist trolls (and they new who they are) should expect to be deservedly mocked.
  2. wildchild


    Do you really think this Ted Cruz will gain any traction? Yeah, the dude blocks Obama's mess, but I have never seen this guy say anything that really impressed me. The whole Canadian citizenship thing has a bad smell about it too.
  3. loyek590


    The best person for America in 2016 will be a woman (or a black or better yet both.)

    We are far beyond policy. You are no longer judged by the content of your policy. You are judged by your race or gender.

    No white man will beat a woman in 2016.
  4. wjk


    And no man in the GOP will speak out against the first woman prez, which might very well be Hillary if Romney is atop the ticket again.
  5. Ricter


    To me it... looks like Romney will be the next president!
  6. loyek590


    looks like a clear, clean shot to me. He will just need to overcome Hillary, and Jeb, and the whole republican party, and the whole democrat party, and the media. After that it should be smooth sailing.
  7. Christie?
  8. Ricter


  9. BSAM


    Rand Paul

    (He isn't really a heathen Republican.)
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  10. BSAM


    Rand Paul / Ben Carson


    Rand Paul / Marco Rubio
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