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    Hi all,

    I want to automate my trades. I currently have a 3rd party software program that executes on my desktop and will come up with a stock symbol, appropriate number of shares and type of order based on various strategies. I now want my 3rd party program to pass the info to a 'brokerage program' which will in turn execute the trade for me. I looked at TradeStation and it appears you cannot have an external program interface with their programs.

    Bottom line is which brokerage/s are the best fit for me that will let my program interface with them to execute my trade. The 3 I know are MB Trading, IB and possibly TradeStation. I trade US stocks only. A follow up question is: what is the best way to load all the US stocks names, symbols and related data into a table on my desktop.

    Thanks for taking my question and happy thanksgiving to all.

  2. The handful of broker platforms i've used have an API at some level, so it's a matter of compatibility and support. It all depends on the software you're using to perform the strategy work.

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    First off I would be very careful with blackbox or greybox trading. If you don't know how your program makes decisions then this is what you are doing. You're essentially gambling and you are not learning how to trade based on a real trading method. You're better off finding a trading method that fits your personality and making your own decisions. This could take a couple years of research and practice but atleast you won't be gambling anymore.

    But to answer your question. Ideally you will want to contact your vendor and ask them to provide the ability to directly connect to your brokers API. Any broker that has a developer API will work.
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