who is stock_trad3r ?????

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Batman28, Jan 20, 2009.

Switch annoying stock_trad3r off?


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  2. Don't care..

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  1. Mod please do not delete this post it's a serious debate.

    I want to know who is stock_trad3r

    I have surfed the internet for over 10 years and have never come across such utter nonsense as that from stock_trad3r. Consistantly posting meaningless bullshit everywhere I look here.

    I had refrained from posting any replies or engaging in any serious discussion with it, in fact pretending it just isn't there.

    but only now I questioned, who could possibly be so stupid and have no humality, shame or any respect for oneself. consistantly posting garbage from his ass with no dignity. no life.

    I think I can now answer that question. The only thing that matches the above description is a bot. I truly believe stock_trad3r is a computer bot. He must be the first forum bot that actively engages on every topic without making much sense.

    the question now is who is behind it? I really think you must switch it off. Please, it's not clever and it's very annoying.
  2. do you realize you allow an anonymous poster on a message board to control your emotions?
  3. Just use the ignore function loser!
  4. He's a real person, and an entertaining one at that. Paaaaleeeeeease do not get rid of stock_trad3r!
  5. He once self-confessed to have a very low IQ - perhaps near 90. It is possible he just doesn't have the capability to post other than he does
  6. Stock trad3r is the best
  7. lol..probably not a robot. Just an attention seeking 'perma-bull'.

    Just so happens that we are in a bear market and so he makes an idiot of himself most days calling for higher prices! lol

    When we one day enter a bull market the new breed of 'elite traders' will think he's a genius...
  8. ElCubano


  9. Jim Cramer????
  10. Please, enough with this bullshit. Ragging on a fool doesn't make anyone look smart - it makes them look equally idiotic.

    Use the ignore, or stop annoying the rest of us by replying to his posts or making new stock_trad3r threads.
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