Who is still using TS2000i ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trillenium, Nov 10, 2006.

How many still use TS2000i ?

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  1. How many of you still use the TS2000i software ?
  2. mindfull


    i am.

    but now i am having problem installing it on fresh machines. globalserver can't seem to link with esignal.
  3. maxpi


    TS2k is such an un-userfriendly mess. Believe me, move on to something better, you will never regret it for a minute.
  4. chasmann


    Works fine for me.
  5. TS2000i is fine. Its globalserver that is crap.
  6. mindfull


    when you have been using it for 6 years it kinds of grows on you. has anybody tried it with vista?