Who is Stan Weinstein?

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  1. toc


    Two years ago, I read about some trader in New York contest who had 300 or so winner trades in a row. Is it Stan Weinstein because that names was also ending with Stien and Starting with W. Does anyone have any input on this? Research in internet gave no results so the name was lost.
  2. Alexis


    Cmon, he's the most famous tape readr on earth! He wrote a best seller "How to profit in bull an bears markets" 20 years ago. Still worth reading
  3. toc


    That I know, but I really looking for that trader who made 300 or so winner trades in a row? Also some Stien........in the same contest there was a trader who made 190 or so winners in a row. There are Holy Grailers out there or rather even if they do it as an art, it is still impessive.
  4. Alexis


    I just know a french trader, Pascal Monmoine, who made 93 winner ID trades in a row.
  5. toc


    Do you know what his method was, even basic premise or he did not even tell that.
  6. gnome


    300? Child's play.

    There was a guy 20 years ago who claimed "zero losing trades for 20 years".

    I signed up for his newsletter and hotline ('85) just in time to catch his 1st loser... and it was a dandy.
  7. isn't he in market wizards?
  8. :p :D
  9. I think you are probably talking about Mark Weinstein in Market Wizard. He had a ridiculous win/loss ratio... Jack Schwager guessed somewhere like 99%.

    But then I don't think he would enter a contest two years ago.
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