Who is Serge Aleynikov?

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  1. He is of course the former Goldman Sachs programmer, alleged to have stolen a batch of the bank’s proprietary trading code.

    But he is also a man with a Linked-in profile.


    Some extracts:
    Serge Aleynikov’s Summary

    An IT/IS professional with over 15 years of experience in building robust, reliable and intelligent software solutions for financial and telecommunications industries. Specializing in architecture and implementation of massively concurrent low-latency, highly available distributed systems in the area of high-frequency trading. • Strong hands-on skills in design and implementation of distributed mission-critical systems (involving proprietary and commercial messaging, queuing, lock-free concurrent computation, replication, and database components) processing billions of dollars in annual revenues.

    • Knowledge of mature technologies that give a five-fold increase in quality and productivity of development, while significantly reducing implementation time.

    • Strong analytical skills with proven track record of proactive problem solving.

    • Practical knowledge of full life cycle system design and development using agile project management principles.

    • Expert knowledge of relational/hierarchical database management systems.

    • Proven achievements in on-time and on-budget delivery of system solutions to complex business requirements.

    • Team-oriented with excellent interpersonal communication skills, and a motivational leader and mentor with a reputation for integrity, reliability, and quality.And a description of what he was doing at Goldman:VP, Equity Strategy
    Goldman Sachs (Public Company; GS; Investment Banking industry)
    May 2007 — Present (2 years 3 months)

    • Lead development of a distributed real-time co-located high-frequency trading (HFT) platform. The main objective was to engineer a very low latency (microseconds) event-driven market data processing, strategy, and order submission engine. The system was obtaining multicast market data from Nasdaq, Arca/NYSE, CME and running trading algorithms with low latency requirements responsive to changes in market conditions.

    • Implemented a real-time monitoring solution for the distributed trading system using a combination of technologies (SNMP, Erlang/OTP, boost, ACE, TibcoRV, real-time distributed replicated database, etc) to monitor load and health of trading processes in the mother-ship and co-located sites so that trading decisions can be prioritized based on congestion and queuing delays.

    • Responsible for development of real-time market feed handlers, order processing engines and trading tools at a Quantitative Equity Trading revenue-making HFT desk.And a recommendation from a Goldman co-worker:

    “Serge is one of the best and the friendliest developers I had opportunity to work with. He not only has very broad knowledge of various software technologies but also a strong ability to optimally apply each to the problem at hand. His expertise in networking and distributed computing is top notch. I was truly impressed by his innovative software solutions, showing excellent software design skills and effectiveness of implementation. Serge displays a lot of enthusiasm in his work and is very eager to share his knowledge with others.”


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    He looks like a younf Peter Sutcliffe AKA the Yourshire Ripper
  3. Well we have now proof that GS and US Govt are the same. Some low level employee transfers some lines of code on his laptop for work purposes or even with some other intent, then goes to another firm to do the same work and he is now according to the US government a "spy" that could "manipulate the market ". What kind of nonsense is that ?

    No different than a prop trader starting his own firm after learning the ropes at a big firm.
  4. Wow that last point caught my attention. Is this really taken from his linked-in profile? :cool:
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    This is where he's headed............

  6. It's somewhat shocking GS didn't see this one coming. The WSJ is reporting Serge repeatedly showed up for work wearing this T-Shirt, talk about a red flag:

  7. Either him or a young Yakoff Smirnoff or Judd Apatow. :cool: