who is 'Scientist'?

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    i put this in the psychology section for obvious reasons...

    since 'Scientist' has recently screwed up big time in his goal of attaining the most respect here on Elite Trader (see 'IQ test' where he inadvertantly lied about his IQ in another attempt to elevate himself above everyone else), i have a question.

    who is 'Scientist'? its obvious that most of what he has said on this board makes it clear that he/she indeed has traded markets and has experience of some sort. however, the stories and background are now completely suspect.

    its rather unfortunate, because i like to see people succeed....it gives me hope that a human can indeed achieve incredible things.

    well, here's your chance Scientist, come clean....
  2. Thank you for your interest in "Scientist". I regret that we are unable to provide personal information on our patients. In his defense, however, I will say that recently he volunteered to participate in a blind test of a new antipsychotic medication, in the hope that the term of his stay here might be reduced. Unbeknownst to him, he received the placebo. That might account for his recent behavior. I will have the charge nurse inform him of your concern as soon as he comes 'round from this week's ECT treatment. And by the way, we do not refer to him as "Scientist" here, as is encourages his delusions. Best regards, Aaron A. Aardvark, M.D.
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    LOL!!!! I really think that there are only about 100 of us on here, the rest of the 'registered' users are the same person. grob, scientist, jack_hershey, .... the list goes on.....
  4. ...monkey boy!" (Dr. Leo Lizardo)

    I am absolutely sure that on a slow day I have witnessed one of my favorite posters responding to himself with TWO aliases! The trick to this is to use dogmatically styled pidgin English for one, and elequently fawning sycophancy for the other. It is most convincing until you have seen it a few times.

    FYI, to the best of my knowledge, "Scientist" does not suffer from multiple personality. He is not I, nor to be perfectly clear, neither am I he. In all likelihood he is in fact a scientist, just as surely as I am a plecostomus.

    For the record, what's your beef with him? He meets all of my qualifications for a good poster:

    - English is demonstrably his native language
    - He does not make excessive use of (multiple) subordinate clauses
    - He can make a well reasoned argument
    - He knows the trading lingo
    - What he says is perfectly credible, logically
    - He has entertaining friends.

    Were you also expecting him to be right? Make money? Be self-effacingly modest? Where do you think you are?
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    I think this pretty much sums it up.
  6. GordonGekko, MrMarket$$, and Scientist, the same type of character. In fact, without HN, I would not be able to tell who is who reading their posts.
  7. i am not Scientist, but without a doubt, he is also someone else on ET. imo, he is not jack hershey. he probably does trade and is not intellectually stupid, but he is definitely full of shit sometimes.

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    But he can spell. There is that . . . :p
  9. Full of shit sometimes? Try this:

    Quote from Gordon Gekko:

    08-10-03 10:17 AM
    2nd to last post as "Gordon Gekko" ever.
    this is my 2nd to last post as GG ever. my next and final post as GG will be when i have made $1,000,000 FROM THE MARKET and can verify it. $1,000,000 is not my ultimate goal, although that will be the next and final update. i don't care if it takes me 1, 5, 10, 20 years, or more. way too many people here do not respect me under this name because i have been honest about all my trading problems.

    to those that doubt me, you WILL be proven wrong.

    I AM NEVER GOING TO LEAVE ET. i will ALWAYS be here under another name, although i will not say who i am. i will not reply to this thread no matter what anyone says. please do not PM me.

    everyone that has ever helped me, i sincerely thank you.

    TO ALL THE FRUSTRATED NEWBIES: it was not long ago that i was at the lowest point of my life (http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...threadid=18643&). less than 2 months later, i am the most confident i have ever been. if you really want to do this, DO NOT GIVE UP EVER.

  10. Snoop,
    How is your music biz going lately?

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