Who is Responsible for Murdering over 40 Million people?

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  1. I heard/read lately that in the last 20 years or so there has been:


    Does this mean that 40 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MURDERED?

    Hitler didn't even kill that many people...:(

    Let's hope the new Supreme Court members can help turn this BLOODSHED around.
  2. Can you give me the first name and social security number of at least one of those 40 mln victims? Fingerprints, pictures, dental records, retina scan, hair, any eyewitnesses who ever saw the victim. Anything to prove that the person did exist and the crime was committed.
  3. If they hadn't been killed first, they all would of had what you mention above...

    They never had a chance did they?...:(
  4. ======================

    Like what President Ronald Reagan said, to those who say they are not sure if it is a person;

    how wise is that to kill some one just because some one isnt sure, if it is human life????????[Paraphrase]

    Dr Benard Nathanson [spelling???] who killed [aborted ]many thousands of little unborn bablies, now prolife for sure;
    changed his mnd for sure, now solidly PROLife.:cool:
  5. i think most people would agree that there should be limits on abortion. i personally think that once the baby is viable outside the mother abortion should not be allowed.
    i also wonder how many abortions are caused by the church. the catholic church still bans all forms of contraception and most churches are against the morning after pill. i guess sticking your head in the sand using dogma instead of reason works for some.
    i still remember back when i was in high school. my girlfriend and i (now my wife)were not going to stop having sex no matter what our parents or church said. birth control could not be easily found where we lived. luckily i was a rebel and not easily deterred so i drove to another area and lied about our age and was able to find a doctor who would prescribe birth control pills for us. several of my friends were not so lucky. out of a group of four couples that ran together 2 got pregnant. one of the girls was 13.
    churches insisting on not allowing girls to get birth control and then screaming about abortion is the worst kind of hypocrite to me and nothing less than ignorant.

  6. vhehn, for once we agree on something. Everytime I drive by planned parenthood and see the catholics out there picketing it I just laugh. What did they think would happen when little suzie did not use birth control that they frown upon ?
  7. That's the point, you can't kill what has not been born yet.
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    does the embryo have a conscious thinking mind?

    is the morning after pill contraception or abortion?

    what is the most evil - 'killing' an unborn/non conscious being, or bringing a baby to this world and neglecting it, hating it, abusing it?

    how about a baby that will be so badly mentally and physically deformed that it can not possibly expect any quality of life and be in pain all its life? who decides these boundaries?
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    we used to use an empty chip packet and an elastic band.

    it was luxuary when they invented cling film

  10. cant agree there. if you abort a baby that is viable outside the mother you would be killing something that has not been born yet.
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