Who is Renaissance Tech's auditor? Key employee committed suicide 2 years ago.

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  1. Remember that suicide of 2 years ago? Who audits this firm?
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    He was a researcher... Whoever audits RenTec have nothing crazy to tell, since there's no OPM in Medallion... It's perhaps the most surefire proof that there is no fraud /ponzi in it.

    "Orphaned boy faces murky fate


    Murder and suicide took his mom and dad. Now, with no known relatives in the U.S., 6-year-old Arthur Astashkevich may lose his country, too.

    What had promised to be a life of private schools and privilege in a wealthy Long Island enclave has turned into a tragic tale that could land the boy in Russia with family he barely knows.

    Arthur's father, rich mathematician Alexander Astashkevich, 37, shot and killed his estranged wife Monday in Port Jefferson, L.I., in front of their only child. Then Astashkevich turned the shotgun on himself.

    Family friends said the otherwise "kind and gentle" Russian immigrant may have cracked under the pressure of his impending divorce and a high-stakes job researching investment trends for Renaissance Technologies Corp. in East Setauket, L.I.

    "He was really in love with his child and wanted the best for him," said a family friend who asked not to be named. "He was sort of reclusive ... and awkward, the way mathematicians are awkward. That's why I can't fathom that he would do this."

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad left his professor's job at the University of California, Davis, six years ago for a corporate job that earned him millions annually.

    But riches are little consolation to his orphaned son.

    Suffolk cops, who yesterday notified relatives of both Astashkevich and his wife, Olga Sadikova, 31, in Tomsk, Siberia, said Arthur's extended family lives in Russia.

    Sources said the families are very close and that Arthur's grandparents are en route to Long Island to bring the bodies back to Russia.

    But Arthur, living in foster care, probably isn't going anywhere soon. His parents were separated and both had formally identified potential legal guardians for the boy. Even if the parents picked family members, authorities would need to conduct extensive background checks before releasing the boy, said Dennis Nowak of Suffolk County Social Services.

    Originally published on March 1, 2006

    Abstract from NY Post:
    Astashkevich then stepped over the lifeless body of his 31-year- old wife, Olga, and went upstairs to see their son, [Arthur Astashkevich], a source said.

    Suffolk Emergency Services officers stormed the house, where they found Astashkevich dead inside an upstairs bathroom, the shotgun by his side.

    "He was estranged from his wife, and obviously under some kind of terrible strain," said [Jim Simons], the head of Renaissance Technologies, where Astashkevich worked as a researcher."
  4. Agreed. The fact that there's no OPM in RenTech means they're bulletproof.
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    It can be different for Rentec's new equities funds taht have OPMs( don't recall their names ), but I guess Simmons is not as crooked as an other fund manager because of his background... I can't see that old mathematician "going Madoff"... Perhaps I am naive...There must be honest fund managers somewhere...:D
  6. OPM? from the gist of the thread I know it means no outside money or something of that nature but what's the definitive meaning?
  7. RIFF and RIEF

    Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund
    Renaissance Institutional Futures Fund

    Considering how secretive they are, there's always a chance of the SEC forcing all hedge funds operating or doing any business in the US to disclose a lot of what they do. James has always protested about disclosing their positions to the public even for a snapshot audit. My take on the whole HF industry is going to be about more transparency. RIFF and RIEF can close their doors, in their own way. Making RenTech a pure private trading firm.

    Personally, a slight peek at how they do their thing would be valuable, if they are legit that is... Madoff used to be known and perceived as one of the safest HF to invest in, in and out of the industry. I believed it to be true along with a whole lotta others.

    It's quite obvious that there's going to be a major shift in operations with the US stricting their regulations, and it's obvious that the G7 is going to follow it. The industry is going through a lot of paranoia now. No one knows what to believe in now or who to believe in.
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    OPM = other peoples money
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    what does OPM mean?:confused:
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