Who is ready to join the party and short the market?

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short thr market?

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  1. I’ve already began shorting the market last week. If this coming weeks that we are heading lower, who here is hopping on the bandwagon and short the market?
  2. This will not end well...
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  3. Yeah for the investor...lol. Traders make money if the market goes up or down. All investors can do is average down. Lol.
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    All investors do is hold for the long term. They DCA when they feel the bottom has been found. Nothing wrong with that strategy for multi-decade-year funds. You know, long-term? Investing? Done by investors?
  5. Nope. It is like you are speaking another language to me. I don’t do investing and never will. I only date and never married a stock. I do short term swing trade and day trade. I trade base on price action and following trend. Once a stock stop giving me money I’m out of here.
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    Then you are trading, not investing. You just typed it, RIGHT HERE...

    That is trading, not investing. How old are you?

    And I am referring to this bit...

    We get it, you are trading stocks, not investing in them.

    But maybe you should consider that track with a small portion of your funds. A relative of mine INVESTED in Johnson&Johnson stock back in the 1970s. He/she has been able to put his/her two kids through college and has a nice nest-egg for retirement (which he/she are now enjoying in their retirement) because of that investing.

    Stop poo-pooing the long-term investing. Jeez.
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  7. How about ge? That seems like a great stock to invest also. Lol. My work colleague has been investing in ge for many years and recently average down about a month ago. I look at the ge chart and told him it is ugly and he should dumped it. But he refused and want to hold it and said he is investing. I told him if he stick with a loser that he is gonna be a loser.
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  8. One day at a time.
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    They bring good things to life.
  10. Jesse Livermoore and George Soros made millions/billions of dollars shorting the market. Will you be the next trader that make millions shorting the market?
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