Who Is Policing The SEC ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by libertad, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Let there be no mistake that the banks are differing as to how they disclose similar losses that most all of them are incurring.

    What is also clear is that fraud has been incurred as to how bonuses have been paid, and full disclosure in reporting of valuations has been inadequate. This is in the billions of dollars.

    What is more interesting is how the SEC is allowing this fraud to continue to take place.

    Also, accounting fraud has been allowed in the fake disposal of assets, which are publicly mentioned as getting rid of bad assets , when just the opposite is true.

    The SEC is also directly involved in market manipulation by favoring a select group of firms in regards to interfering with market price discovery.

    The SEC members continually operate in a continual conflict of interest in that a high percentage of its employees provide sway for implied higher paying corporate jobs.

    So now the SEC is aiding and abetting those who have failed to provide disclosure, and have committed fraud.

    So the question becomes who is policing the SEC ? And how is the SEC held accountable ?

    The SEC is a F'in hoax .