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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Nov 17, 2009.

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    And those who pay the LEAST in income taxes (the poor) are screaming the LOUDEST on how Wall St. and the White House are wasting "their" share in precious tax dollars.
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  4. The poor may not pay the most, but they lose the most - due to inflation.

    By the way, your generalization about the poor screaming the loudest is ridiculous. Everyone should be screaming.
  5. Schedule D $3K Max loss should be abolished and all carry over losses should eligible to offset income.

    There are many seniors who have $100K + in carry over losses. They certainly are not going to live 33 years to offset.
  6. Which is exactly why this law still exists.....
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    Thanks for scratching that scab again.
  8. Are the rich paying their fair share?

    Robert Shiller up at Yale has proposed a sort of proportionality tax that would curb the ever increasing gap between rich and poor. Very bad things if that gap keeps increasing.