Who is paying for the 20 million uninsured people?

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    This lady. Her policy was canceled and her new Obamacare premiums are $500.00 more per month.


    Evidently Obama lied when he said that people could keep their present doctors.

    Evidently Obama lied when he said that insurance coverage would become more affordable.

    Evidently Obama simply shifted the cost of insuring 20 million uninsured people to the middle class with no reform of medical costs.


    It isn't a personal gripe because I've ducked the entire thing but I can see where middle America is going to revolt against Obamacare.


    My wife and I are paying for them too ... we are going from $425/month to $1310/month, more than tripling our premiums. And our deductible will go up 27% from $10K to $12.7K.

    But hey we get to pay for slobs who choose to abuse their bodies. Thanks Odumbo for having no personal accountability with health insurance ... any other form of insurance holds people accountable for their actions.
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    Working for a living is for suckers.
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    Hey if I try to lose $$ trading maybe I can get a subsidy ....
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    Tsing Tao

    All you need is dual citizenship and you could trade, make money and live off the government.
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    "Who is paying for the 20 million uninsured people?"

    You are! Now get back to work you lazy bum. These people need their nearly free medical coverage.
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    it was just an expansion of Medicaid, which I support. I am a big time liberal when it comes to the poor, I want everybody to have food and healthcare, whether they can pay for it or not. For crying out loud, I will pay for it, I'm doing just fine.

    But don't fuck with my insurance policy. I buy exactly the coverage I need.

    I will gladly give money to the poor, but don't mess with me.


    No, Odumbocare was more than Medicaid expansion. There are working people getting large subsidies. One woman had a $500/month premium but after her subsidy she was paying like $2/month. Almost 90% of those who signed up last year received subsidies.

    But if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies for the states that don't have exchanges then Odumbocare crashes and burns.
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    Its difficult to even process that increase. Its simply absurd. So you are supposed to just absorb the $885.00 per month difference?

    I have an idea of what the future may look like regarding insurance and healthcare.

    Absent any reasonable curbs on the collection, distribution and use of personal information across the spectrum from consumer purchases to medical records and assuming we continue on our present trajectory (invasive federal government) I can definitely see an uncomfortable possibility for us.

    Ok, tongue firmly in cheek here:

    In the future your actuarial healthcare risk will be recalculated every 90 seconds by a huge computer in the basement of the former NSA (appropriated by the newly created Affordable Care Agency) and will take into account all of the risk you incur daily in vehicular traffic (mandatory GPS), the sodium, sugar, tobacco and alcohol you purchase (RFID on product labels and your credit card/debit card data), your prescription medications, your utility bills (sleep police are watching you lol) and the number of hours you are working per day. A composite risk decomposition will be used to adjust your healthcare premium liability based upon the real risk you expose yourself to and of course your age, gender, race, religion and sexual preference(s).

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    that's the one that gets me, in my county, they scan your drivers license each time you buy some beer, so they know exactly how much I am costing the federal government and their taxpayers.
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