Who Is NOT Short Here?!?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Oct 25, 2011.

Long or Short this Week?

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  1. with all the bad news expected any day from Europe, is anybody optimistic about the short-term outlook for the market?
  2. N54_Fan


    In cash waiting for a break either direction.

  3. Same old Shorty. Same old question.

    Why not just ask PRICE?
  4. my grandma is heavily SHORT.

    she is seldom wrong. don't know how she does it.
  5. She reads the results of the polls in your threads.:)
  6. heech


    In all seriousness, this might be why a dip here might be temporary. Everyone is either short or hedged, no one will be "surprised" at this point by an EU summit failure.

    In contrast, in early August, a lot of people were positioned long going into the weekend, betting the US debt limit issue would be solved. They were right but then subsequently blind sided by the S&P downgrade. That left a lot of room to fall.
  7. jayre


    Vix is at 32 so people are not max hedged (it has been over 40 atleast 10 times in the last 2 monts). But yes in early Aug it was at 20.
  8. 65% short
    35% long

    according to Oanda's stats right now
  9. I'm short
  10. http://www.cnbc.com/id/45041466

    These guys are.

    BUY BUY BUY they yell.

    Whatever....if you believe this bullshit...you deserve to loose everything you have....and don't blame it on WALL STREET this time....
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