who is making less than 20% a week roi in this great market

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I'm sure most of you are making more, just wondering if there are any stragglers.
  2. balda


    I make less
  3. dhpar


    well, i make less too.
    keep it up and good luck. in one year with this pace you should be up 1,310,400% :eek:
  4. You are the straggler.

  5. Actually the chop has made it little more difficult the last 2 weeks.
  6. Stock777 is just being a prick, that's what he is. Why else start a thread like this with the tone he did?

    Oh, and if you want to land on his ignore list (like I have) just catch him in a lie about a market call he made and share it with ET. He gets so angry, he immediately puts you on ignore :)

  7. LOL!!!!!! I make less.

    I manage 40mm, and am a performance-based RIA.:(

    Down 95bps ytd now. I know, not bad considering the markets, BUT I'm performance-based...:(
  8. I'm up 10% YTD. I use no leverage. Equity/long short. I aim between 10-20% per year, with a slight negative beta. Basically, I aim to offer value to my family investors who would normally hold an index fund. By offering a slightly negative correlation to the S&P with a moderate absolute return, I'm helping them. Not making any real money, but believe it or not, that's not why I do this, at least not yet.

    If I wanted to swing wildly to get huge returns, I'd do it with some big firm's money, not my own or my families. So no, I don't make 20%/week. But I 'll be way richer than you in 5 years.
  9. Yous haz gotz a be keedin meh seriously. 20% ROI.

    Where do they get these oda tradurs.

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  10. I wish I was up 10% ytd.:(

    Good job!:)
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