who is Kevin Landis

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  1. this was from an interview on october 6th,2000 on the strret.com.
    he picked pmcs,vtss,and amcc. look where they went almost immediately after that interview.
    Mannes: For which companies are there exciting times still ahead?

    Landis: Well, you can't go wrong with the communications integrated circuit companies -- very strong stories. The only place where you can go wrong there, I think, is paying too much, and even then you can argue that the market caps there are not outlandish. We own PMC-Sierra, we own AMCC (AMCC:Nasdaq - news). We own Vitesse, we own Transwitch (TXCC:Nasdaq - news), we own GlobeSpan (GSPN:Nasdaq - news), we own Triquint (TQNT:Nasdaq - news).

    Mannes: As you look forward toward the rest of the year, what worries you the most?

    Landis: The long-term trends don't really worry me at all. I feel they're very solid. I think the company selection is fine; we own the right stocks around the powerful trends. I sometimes worry about market psychology, but I have the feeling -- and this is just feeling -- that there's a lot of fear priced into the stocks right now, so that makes me feel comfortable.
  2. who is this guy?