Who is John Galt?

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    My plan to emigrate that was supposed to take another year to put together jumped forward today by a huge leap.

    Basically I got the word from my accountants that I am sufficiently liquid to purchase the anuity needed to cover living expenses, travel expenses and medical premiums for the rest of my life. Simultaneously I've been informed that I have sufficient cash to fund my trading account adequately for all future trading ambitions.

    The only remaining task is to liquidate my homes and personal items and setup for extreme mobility. I'm going to travel the world and trade from remote exotic locations. Costa Rica, Cayenne Fr. Guiana. I may hunt pre-columbian ceramics up the Oyapok river. Goa, Chiang Mai on a Type-O visa, Koh Samui, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore. I qualify for a highly-skilled immigration visa for Hong Kong (I qualified on the 80-point test at the consulate). Palau, Tahiti, Bora Bora. Gotta fart around in Peru and see Machu Pichu. Maybe rent a hillside estate in Rio for the Winter. I may even try Monaco for a month or so.

    Going to keep only one possession in storage in the USA, my 1970 Factory Werks 914-6 GT that ran #3 in Le Mans in 1970. I'll own that car when I die. That and my skies, boots, poles and related luggage.

    Its not a done deal, I've got some rescue dogs I must place in good homes. My main protection dog, a 150lbs all-black german shepard named Hannah will stay with my best friend in Seattle when I'm on the road. I'll base out of Seattle and maybe summer there sometimes. My friend has a 55-foot ChrisCraft for trips into the San Juans and up into Canada in the summer.

    I'm free, almost.

    I'll retain my citizenship...until I don't. Zero income tax but I will be subject to capital gains tax until I adopt some country and settle down.

    Excitement and...trepedation. I'm 51-years old. Fuckin-A :)
  2. Good for you. Once gone, you may not want to come back as America crumbles apart.
  3. Lucrum


    THAT'S what I'm talking about. :cool:
  4. Way to go! You crossed the same finish line we are all aiming for!

    Although I say, quit trading if you've made it. No point flying halfway around the world if you are just going to sit in front of the same screen you sit in front of at home. :)
  5. benwm


    That's pretty cool. Good on you!

    How long did it take to build the small fortune? Any trading pearls of wisdom to share with those of hoping to do the same one day?
  6. pspr


    My wife says I'm available for adoption if you want to bring a son along with you. :D
  7. Congrats 377, I mean that. I will beat you to that as I will do that by 45-47.

    :D One more barb from a dedicated member of fight club. :D

    Again tho, blood sweat and tears got you here. Enjoy. Seriously, all jokes aside.:cool:
  8. Lucrum


    Oh no you don't if anyone is going with him it's me. He likes my M1A.

  9. pspr


    I thought you were his dishonored son who moved to Georgia and got disowned. :p

    Besides, I asked first and already have permission from the wife. So, there. :D
  10. Lucrum


    You have to get permission from the wife? :D

    I don't think I would have admitted that, in public anyway. :)
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