Who is Jack Hershey and what's his method?

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    Okay. So I've seen Jack mentioned in a bunch of threads now. Not as much as AHG, but still enough to ask those two questions.

    Can anyone some up his method in a coherent manner? I know all methods can be summarized, even if their calculations and methodology aren't included and require much study.

    So, in a nutshell, what's the method the he cloaks in such esoteric language?
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    no, the more you try to sum it up, the more confuse you will be. The correct action to take is starting from page 1.
  3. I heard it didn't backtest profitably.

    Also you should know by now that people who speak "esoterically" aren't super smart like monks, they're covering up their lack of knowledge with big sounding words.

    I've been a lurker here for a long time before I registered and I've seen this a LOT.

    Instead of saying "do this" or "do that," they say "blah blah blah ambiguous words blah blah blah don't you think? (i love it when they end it with a joke).

    edit - I used to be in sales at what some people would consider a "shady" company. they taught us to do stuff like that. If you get people in the right mood you don't even have to answer their questions. It was a brilliant lesson in psychology.
  4. The retarded tester, who will remain nameless since she searches posts for her username, tested it incorrectly. She wasn't informed on the right criteria, it wasn't her fault necessarily but nevertheless she complains and whines instead of really trying to retest using the right criteria.

    Watch....there is a 90% chance she will appear here since all her posts are about Jack. This time, I didn't provide her username so if she finds the thread it's because SHE sought it out :p

  5. if you can't understand a plan, and no one can summarize it, even its supporters, what do you think the chances are of executing the plan succesfully?

    That should tell you everything you need to know.
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    you can't summarize a fully detailed plan, but what you can do is following it in detail.
  7. wtf kind of a thing to say is this? I bet you can't find a single professional trader that can't summarize his trading plan in 2 sentences or less.
  8. Well my plan is to make money everyday, by managing risk and staying focused and disciplined at all times in order to catch high probability trades.

    Thats my plan, can you follow that and make money??

  9. ha, ok, lets say you had 1 paragraph to explain how you make 1 of your standard entries. Could you do that in a clear and concise manner?
  10. I probably could, however there would be quite a bit going on in my subconscious that could not be accounted for. You see, every trade is going to be slightly different in some respect, even if the setup appears nearly identical. So while I could give a generic explanation of a certain situation, in reality, one paragraph wouldn't truly be enough.

    I would also explain I am a very short term trader and do bar by bar analysis (and intrabar) so there is a ton going on with what I do. Not everyone approaches trading this way, a swing trader or investor could explain much more easily what they do that I could.

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