Who is in charge in the US? Paulson or Bush

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    From and outsider it would seem that Paulson has more power these days than Bush?
  2. Paulson does NOTHING without Bush's approval. Paulson is little more than an "Administration mouthpiece". (Whenever Bush want's to say something which might be controversial or even down-right stupid, he has Paulson say it.)
  3. The Rothschilds!
  4. Nothing has changed.
  5. The subprimers.
  6. Mecro


    Uhm, what? Ever read how the Fed board is structured?

    No, he is the Fed's mouthpiece and front figure. Mostly a puppet and the fall guy.

    I'm sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. You are SO FULL OF IT!

    The President appoints the position, not the Fed.

    Nevertheless, it doesn't really matter "who pulls Paulson's strings"... the fact is, The Powers* control everything and are Hell-bent on screwing YOU out of everything you have and everything you will EVER have...

    * Administration, Congress, Fed, Financial Services Industry and Media/CN-BS
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    You need to understand that the person on front row and in the publuc image rarely, if ever, makes any decisions and is just following orders of those who put him in power.
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    Do you understand the definition of "appoint"? I think not, because you just made yourself look like a fool.

    That's besides the point that neither George W. Bush nor Bernanke make any decision on their own.
  10. Council on Foreign Affairs and the World Bank
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