Who Is For Tax Hikes? Everyone.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Democrats have stopped beating around the tax hike bush and are becoming increasingly bold in calling for rates to rise. I heard longshot candidate John Edwards just now saying that taxes must go up. He is running as a moderate Democrat, so no doubt the others are for even greater increases. On the "rich" of course, who by their definition is anyone with a steady job.

    Unfortunately, the leading Republican candidate, John McCain, is himself in favor of a tax increase. So by nominating him, the Republicans forfeit their single best issue. Go figure.

    Could someone tell me the last time Republicans won a nationwide election on a platform of amnesty for illegal immigrants and tax hikes? That seems to be the plan if McCain is the standard bearer.

    Voters would have the choice of voting for a Democrat tax hike or a Republican tax hike. Wonder which party will be able to turn out its voters with those platforms?
  2. Finally, some sanity returns. I'm all for tax hikes to eliminate the budget deficit. Compared to the lives lost in Iraq, a few extra thousand dollars is the least I can do for my country.

    Where is your patriotism?
  3. yes but the problem is they will just use the tax hikes to pay for more wars and NOT paying down the debt...
  4. Then you will be pleased by your choices. You can vote for a genuine Democrat tax raiser or the synthetic Republican version.

    Those of us who don't believe punishing hard work is a good policy will have less in the way of choice.

    The bright side is that Republicans will have consigned themselves to permanent minority status, and with luck another party will arise to replace them.
  5. Amen bro...

  6. Current republicans would love to see the Gilded Age reborn.

    I wish I could consider myself a republican because I do stand for a lot of conservative values.

    But, quite unfortunately, when referring to today's republicans, "conservative" is an oxymoron; yet greed and war is all the rave.

    In some cases the two parties are reversed when referring to conservativism.. The environment for instance. Democrats wish to conserve, republicans call it a non-issue because the economy needs to grow grow grow (at any cost).