Who is first choice to trust with a programming a trading idea?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by wilburbear, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Is there a "Wal Mart" for programming profitable trading ideas? Totally reliable, large enough not to try to run off with your idea, and fairly inexpensive?
  2. Giving a working strategy to a programmer to automate your system and not expecting him to use it himself is just plain foolish.

    Would be better to simply strike a deal. Something like... you program this for free, and maintain it for me forever, and you can trade it too, but my market/limit orders go in before yours on entry and exit so I get priority in the queue, its only fair. I think most people would honor that, since slippage would be very small.
  3. spend the extra few hours on the weekend to learn a pseudo-language like Tradestation (Easylanguage) and do it yourself.
  4. Tell me, what exactly do you mean by "programming a trading idea"? Do you mean a simplistic trading rule with just the basics of buy/sell logic, or do you mean a real system that handles flaws in data feeds and platforms, hardware and ISP failures, etc.?

    Trust me, the latter took a great deal of effort for me to accomplish, and I have formal training and years of experience as a senior level software engineer under my belt. Taking a two week course in EasyLanguage is not going to make it happen.

  5. Good point; I assumed it was the former as the later is beyond 99% of most people's comprehension.
  6. I guess this is the perfect post for explaining why there should be a company that will automate your trading idea for a percentage of the profits.
  7. most likely your idea will not hold up anyway. if its the only idea you have ever had or ever expect to have then - keep it to yourself and use it to make money and hire a team of programmers who have no interest in trading.

    otherwise give the thing away and get feedback why it will not work the way you thought it would. then you wil be on the road to developing something sound - about 10,000 ideas latter.
  8. traderdragon2

    how would you make sure that the programmers orders go in after yours?
  9. I would never honor such a deal and here is why. Knowing absolutly nothing of the strategy, I'm 95% confident that it will not make money. Why would I waste my time learning, programming, and maintaining some strategy that most likely won't work??? It's alot of work for nothing.

    Wilburbear, the real answer is I don't trust ANYONE with my strategies. But being a programmer I have that luxury. About the only option you have is to find some programmer you feel is trust worthy, sign an NDA, and let them go to work.
  10. Mark, are you the Oddball author? What have you been up to?
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