Who is ET's worst Snakeoil Salesman?

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Who is ET's worst Snakeoil Salesman?

  1. Timmy Sykes

    18 vote(s)
  2. Bull and Bear

    37 vote(s)
  1. 1) Timmy Sykes

    2) Bull and Bear
  2. plodder


    Jack Hershey.
  3. As much as I would like to include him in this poll of snakeoil, I narrowed it down to paid advertisers.
  4. At least Tim Sykes has been trading for awhile, BnB was looking for a mentor a few weeks ago after blowing through a lot of cash :D
  5. I have to say that while I find Timmy annoying at least he actually has something that some people may find of some value (a book).

    The problem I have with Timmy is that he can't seem to decide if he wants to portray himself as an investment guru (this is a poor choice) or as an entertainer ala Cramer. He seems to try to be both and in the process just comes across as confused and rather annoying.

    Whatever your opinion of him, and personally I think this site would be better off without him and his relentless shameless shilling. However you can't argue the fact that he does have years of real life trading experience and at one time did make a boat load of dough.

    This BNB guy is simply as dumb as the day he was born. At least Timmy figured out you should offer something to the public and wrote a book. I'd bet BNB has never even read a book. Within 2 years (and that's being generous) he'll be broke, I just hope he doesn't take others down with him.
  6. How you gonna narrow us down to a choice between the two?

    I think BnB is too disturbed to actually know he's lying....

    Maybe it's Seben?
  7. Look Timmay you are winning in the opinion poll! woo hoo!
  8. atleast tim is somewhat entertaining
  9. fhl


    If you observe the various turtle threads and watch the catfight between M Covel and C Faith, it would appear that their stories are divergent enough that one of them must be bending the truth quite a bit. Since they are both selling books, I would say that one of them must be a snake oil salesman.
  10. All of them are snake oil salesman.

    Nobody would sell a profitable strategy...period.
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