Who is Chuck? - Fox News Debate 'Forum'

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  1. I don't disagree with that, all media outlets all over the world are biased, dishonest, corrupt and have their own agendas (which have very little to do with reporting the truth). Again what you're saying is nothing new, is not a conspiracy theory and does not refute the fact that you're a conspiracy nut.

    PS That btw does not mean that the alternative internet media, all those millions of web sites and gazillions of youtube videos that you blindly believe in are any better. They are just as incompetent, dishonest, manipulative, corrupt, biased and unscrupulous. God knows who their masters are, who pays their salaries and whose agendas they promote.
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  2. In the video, it mentions that they are talking to 29 registered Republicans. It is a Republican focus group following the Republican debates. Hardly a conspiracy. Of course they are going to be supporting Republican candidates and comparing them to Clinton. What would be divisive is if they are not doing the same with a Democratic focus group.

    However, judging by the fact that nobody even paid attention to that first detail in the video, I doubt that there would be an honest answer about whether both sides are being presented.
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