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Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheDudeofLife, Jan 7, 2008.

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  2. i posted this same guy on a different thread last night. too funny!!!

    oh but wait... Ratboy is a conspiracy nut. the media doesn't do chit like this. they aren't trying to sway the election.

    GIMME A BREAK PEOPLE...WAKE UP! Fox is a criminal network.. they are complicit in an illegal war via their dissemination of pro-war propaganda. they are desperate now to continue to insert their CFR candidates into our Presidency... so the cover up continues.
  3. Here is a video about Frank Luntz. He is the guy that Faux News uses to coordinate the "focus group".

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  4. Ratboy is a conspiracy nut and Fox is a criminal network. These two things are not mutually exclusive.
  6. Sean Hannity on the run:

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  7. these people are nice now.. but they are just a few more hijinks away from becoming a mob:

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  8. Nah, that Fox is a criminal network is not a conspiracy, the entire population of this country knows that (including the conservatives who also do although they may not be willing to admit it), so does the rest of the world. So in this respect you're right indeed, you know what everyone knows.

    It's kind of fun to watch you use well-known and undisputed facts to "prove" that you're not a conspiracy nut though. But just because Fox is a "criminal" network does not mean that your 257 conspiracies become any less absurd and ridiculous. You're still a conspiracy nut.
  9. you think it is just Fox???? dude.. come back to reality... the others are just as bad but in different ways. all of them were in collusion on the iraq war. the heads of the giant monopolistic media corporations knew exactly what they were doing. they knew there were no wmds... no threat to the US. their crimes against the people are too m,any to cite.

    this is just what happened recently by one of the scoundrel media criminals. everyone knows its not just Fox... put the crack pipe down.
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