Who is buying and who is selling?

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  1. I'm curious who is doing the selling and who is doing the buying?

    What I think is that individuals are selling and professionals are buying. Is this correct?

    If so why wouldn't the individuals just do what the professionals are doing?

    And if the professionals are buying, why would they buy as price is dropping? Why not wait for some evidence of the market turning up?

    If professionals are selling and individuals are buying, that is a scary thought. How can we know?
  2. they're selling

  3. Do major league baseball players ask the pitcher what pitch he is about to throw, what speed and where the location will be?

    No, of course not.
  4. They're buying.

    For every seller there is a buyer.
  5. Who is selling? Mom and Pop bailing on their investment plans. Everyday thousands more are making the decision to get out.
    Who is buying? Right now, nobody.
  6. Why is everything thinking there are no buyers. Someone is buying this stock. The only people I know that have deep enough pockets to do it are the professionals and the stupid (you can put me in the latter)..
  7. ====================
    Depends on the market;
    but the stock market is in a bear[downtrending] market,
    something ABC-news, Charlie Gibson canr't seem to grasp:D
  8. You know I overheard an interesting conversation the other day.

    While I was going to get my dinner, some guy walking (right behind me) was talking on his cell and saying how everyone was being manipulated into selling right now while major institutions were accumulating.

    I found that kind of interesting...
  9. I was referring to average joe long term investors. You are correct, the pro's are accumulating.
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    Who the hell sells at -40% from the top? That's the time to hold or buy more.
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