Who is a professional daytrader in this forum?

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  1. A professional daytrader should make money just by showing for work.

    Minimum profit to be pro. daytrader is $500/day consistently without any drawdowns for 20 consecutive days. and account must be under $10,000 with 4:1 margin

    a pro daytrader should be able to make $500/day with a $10,000 account with account staying at $10,000 with cash withdrawals weekly.

  2. One of the most foolish statements ever uttered on this site.
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    Let me guess .... the OP only has a 10k trading account. That is called a "poor" daytrader, not a "pro"
  4. and there have been plenty to choose from :D

  5. i considered the OP criteria, as newbie trader ... goals! i like the notion of consistency, but don't agree with your statement.
  6. You can tell I'm not, because I'm posting here. When I'm profitable I won't bother any more and won't be around to answer the question.
  7. $10,000 with 20:1 margin in futures and stocks
    10:1 in stocks

    that is $200,000 in intra-day buying power.

    that is what you need for prop trading and daytrading.

    for swing trading and overnight...SEC margin is maximum 50% margin

    as a trader, your capital is your time,,,not the account size.

  8. from what i gather, 80% of traders in the market and in this forum are not professionals

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    Post your blotter of 20 days in a row of positive P&L or STFU!
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    Going to be very, very,...very tough to find someone who meets your criteria.
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