Who is a good data provider for EUREX?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by trader3, Apr 17, 2003.

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    I checked with esignal and they say they only update their volume once a day. Who currently are the best data providers for EUREX?
  2. Depends. How do you want to pay?
  3. trader3


    Not sure what you mean by that. I'd like to pay via credit card in USD if possible.
  4. Sorry. I meant "how much" (already late in Europe:) ).

    You can check CQG (probably the best) but expensive (around 500/mth)

    MyTrack data are good and can be used with many different software.

    Regarding esignal, I have heard that their data were often lagging by a few seconds. They are working on the problem but I don't know if they have corrected it yet.
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    I think he meant how much?
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    Check out DTN IQ.
  7. coops


    I use IRD at www.ird.com . It's Realtick based. It was mentioned in previous posts that US residents can't use them (!!), which would be a shame. Data is reliable and way better than Esignal was ( i gave up on them due to their crappy Euro feed). btw IB's own feed into TWS is slightly quicker even though it's not true tick by tick.... I understand the Eurex feed speed and quality depends on the user so IB as a broker gets a better feed (and then you) than say the commercial feed resellers. Strange, but my experience (from Bangkok...) reflects this.

    IRD also supplies feed for many many exchanges in Europe and Asia.

  8. Futuresource
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    Aspen Research is another option. The Eurex fee for data is actually less than the CBOT, CME, NYMEX, or NYBOT. Always has been.