Who in this forums do you think has the biggest heart to win?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Who would you vote for .... of all the people in EliteTrader... has the biggest heart to make it (become a millioniare or close to it)....LIST your vote!! Not who is the best or most experienced.... just the biggest heart (desire ) to make it in trading.
    You may vote for yourself if you wish.

    My vote is:

  2. First you have to define what "making it" is. To some its millions and millions of $$$, to others its just making a good living and enjoying what they do as traders.

  3. Well...it shouldn't matter... its what ever you what out of it.... how much heart do you have to achieve whatever it is you want
  4. mizer


  5. Fair enough, I vote for myself.


  6. The kid is already a millionaire. Thus, he doesn't count. I win the "biggest heart to win" award. lol... Anyway, thank you lilduck.. well, I think you have one of the biggest hearts to win, along with JMow etc etc...

    We are all winners, after all we hang around here at the eliteclub.

    Anyway, WIN is my middle name. Honestly, it is a part of my middle name. And I have a hard time watching games because I honestly think it hurts me more to see my team lose.
  7. Now you're contradicting lilduckling statement about it not being about the money, its about the heart. Maybe Coolweb has more heart than you?

  8. Good point. Looks like coolweb still does have more heart to win, eventhough he is already a winner and a legend etc.
  9. :D

  10. mizer


    I vote Ripley "Most likely to fall into charcoal pit with the rest of the 95% of losing traders":cool:
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