Who in their right mind would vote for Osama?

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  1. I don't know how you guys see it, but it's pretty clear that if Obama wins America's screwed
  2. You mean worse then what bush did,or WWIII that mad man McCain will start ?

    I'm taking my chances with Obama.At the very least he will end this 30 billion dollar a month war that has killed and injured over 30,000 Americans and is least likely of the final 3 to start a new one

    I think alot of women will also vote for Obama once McCain's message that he will appoint judges that will end abortion is stressed
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    Nope - he has already flip flopped twice on his 16 month pledge. You Netroots have been had.
  4. Ive lost count how many times Hilary and mad man McCain has flip flopped on issues

    At least with Obama there is a hope and a chance he will end the Iraq war and is least likely to start a new one

    With McCain i know the war will continue and with his aggressive foreign policy stance and aggressive threats and statements he has made towards Russia,china,Korea and Iran there is a very good chance their will be new wars and a military draft
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    You are such a sucker with your "hope". The Democrat Party has been playing you Netroots like fiddles. Obama and Clinton never had any intention of being the ones to surrender Iraq. The plan was to get the troops out before Bush left office so they could blame him for the ensuing chaos and millions of deaths, as happened with Viet Nam. Now that it is evident to both the Obama and Clinton camps that if either become president they will be stuck with troops in Iraq. They have flip flopped because neither want to be seen as the president that surrendered Iraq to al Qaeda and Iran.
  6. Well its bush and the republicans that got the US into this war in the first place.why did he start the war ?oh yeah for WMD'S

    of the final 3 Obama was the only one against it from the start

    Its also a Republican oil man that has gas at 4.00 a gal,a almost worthless dollar,hundreds of billions of tax dollars going to haliburten etc,the biggest terrorist attack in history on the oil mans watch while he was on vacation,etc,etc

    Obama will be the next president,you might want to start accepting that fact
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    All three candidates will raise taxes: Clinton and Obama directly, McCain indirectly by deficit-spending to finance increased military involvement abroad.

    Your choice is between Bush-style right-wing war-hawk socialism, Lydon Johnson-style left-wing war-hawk socialism, or Jimmy Carter pacifist communism. Good luck you will need it.
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    Nice dodge - like a typical liberal you run from the topic being discussed and throw up a load of straw men. The Democrats have made getting out of Iraq the single most important issue for the past two years, and your dodging and weaving doesn't change the fact that you have been completely suckered by them on Iraq.

    Get used to these facts:

    America is never going to leave Iraq, just like S. Korea, Japan and Germany. And just like S. Korea, Japan and Germany, Iraq will turn into a thriving, stable democracy.

    And I take great glee in thinking of liberals like you with Bush Derangement Syndrome grinding your teeth over it for the rest of your life... [​IMG]
  9. How do you think other world leaders will view Obama?

    Another white guy in a suit (McCain) is predictable, business as usual. A woman? (Hillary) Every male foreign leader figures he knows how to handle a woman.

    Perhaps Americans will be screwed, more likely by Congress than Obama.
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    I thought they actually found WMD's in Syria, right where people were saying they would be...... which points to the real problem with the political discourse: ignorance has a much longer lifespan in the public's memory than facts......... which points up the fact that people, are, in fact, not in their right minds......
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