Who in their right mind would vote for McCain?

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  1. Clearly the American economy is on the wrong track, we've got a war we can't afford and the standard of living in America is in decline for everyone except the ultrawealthy. Bush, through his idiotic budget policy of unbalanced budgets, has caused the dollar to lose 40% of its value since 2001.

    A vote for McCain is to prolong the Pain.

    McCain has more flip-flops than John Kerry's beach house. It's impossible to know what McCain stands for.

    McCain was against Bush's tax cuts, now he's for keeping them.

    McCain was for illegal immigrant amnesty, now he's against it.

    McCain was for Roe v. Wade in 1999, how he's against it.

    If McCain is elected the country is screwed. Take another 30% off the value of the dollar, more deficits, more war, more inflation. Time to give the Dems a chance -- they did pretty well with the economy under Clinton, Kennedy-Johnson and Roosevelt.
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    "Who in their right mind would vote for McCain?"

    Almost no one, except of course someone like me.

    Someone who is utterly horrified at the thought of a radical wealth redistributing socialist like Osama or the reincarnation
    of evil itself the Hildabeast, sitting in the white house.
  3. I will be voting for McCain without hesitation.

    I would have no problem voting for a Democrat but look who they choose as their candidates:

    John Kerry- Has never accomplished a thing in congress.
    Hillary Clinton- 1/2 of the most corrupt adminstration the country has ever seen.
    Barack Obama- No experience, socialist and apparently has traveled to 57 states in the US. Clearly not that bright.

    The way I look at it is if there is some idiot in the white house at least I can keep some money in my pocket and I can feel safe that some terrorists will be killed along the way instead of some finger pointing "I'll bring them to justice" bullsh*t we had during the Clinton administration.

  4. This explains me also. I don't really care about Hillary so much except that I can't stand her as a person.

    But a wealth redistributing socialist with a liberal congress to back him up? Add this to an economy that is going to be structurally weak until Americans get their debt under control (much less the gov).

    Absolute fucking disaster.

    I'd rather have a senile old man in there, who hopefully picks a good VP backup. Certainly couldn't be worse than Obama.
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    I'm a McCain man too, he's clearly the best of the three candidates up there. Not perfect, but pretty good: smart, experienced, strong on security, devoted to this country, a true negotiator whose positions are not cast in stone, well respected, well known, a true centrist with both conservative and progressive ideas.

    Not to mention that the country is in fine shape, epecially if you compare us to any other similar economy around the world. Just a few rough spots here and there, the natural business cycle, and finishing the job we started in Iraq and Afghanistan that will take a few more years. We desperately need to pay attention to security, energy independence, health care and immigration control. McCain is the man for the job because he's coming to them from a free market perspective, aligning with the real powerful forces out there, not full of demagog promises that the government will take care of everything like the others.

    Being a net importer economy we need cheap currency to slow down on imports and augment exports - no real problem there. Japan tried a strategy of strong currency in the 70s and failed miserably - Europe may have to learn the same hard lesson soon. What matters is growth, and we've been doing better than our competitors there for many years. Underneath growth, we need to watch out for inflation and unemployment... as long as we have those under control (as we've been doing all along) we'll be alright.
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    Yes, except for the fact that he is simply too old to be taking on the job. The President of the U.S., as Commander in Chief, has tremendous power at his fingertips, unbalanced by our joke of a congress. And at 72, mental acuity is simply not what it should be, especially in someone who throughout his life has shown a tendancy toward anger and snap judgements.

    I wish McCain was 65. I would like to vote for him. But he isn't.
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    I hear you, but this depends a lot on the person - some peak at 50 and go downhill from there; and some others are sharp as a whip at 90. He looks fine to me, let's see. He will be well advised to name a youngish VP, for sure.
  8. Dear God help us all.
  9. Reagan did just fine in his 70's.

    VP is important in this case though. I'm rooting for Tom Ridge.
  10. people.. this isn't fantasy football... this is the real deal. please wake up?
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