Who here would trade in Threat assessment Exchange?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Apr 20, 2006.

Would you trade in a threat assessment Exchange?

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  1. I was wondering who here would trade in a threat assessment futures exhange? It would deal assination futures, kidnapping futures, sudden deaths, earthquakes, natural disasters,terriosts attacks, but they are broken down to subcategories like biological, nuclear, convention, and etc. Stuff the so called special future exhanges are too scared to deal with b/c all of those are too controversial.
  2. It already exists, it's called the commodities markets....:D

    Just some humor
  3. lol well but in your face type contracts. Can you imagine Anthrax Attack contracts and you have them for all the months. And you have a certain month that is extremely high. There is a group of canadian investors willing to start up an exchange like that. I just cant wait. Supposivly american investors tried to get approval, but there was just too much controversy.

  4. LOL no. Hey canadians soldiers in Afghanistan are defending and dieing for YOUR freedom b/c all of the american troops went to iraq. Imagine if American's had to fight a war that canadians started?

  5. Ebo



    If I knew where your doormat was, you know what bring me great joy setting on fire and watching you stamp out?
  6. lol If I knew where you live I would put an IED under your car :p

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    NOT cool to threaten me in that matter, DOG POO is not the same as an IED.

    You wanna take this to the next level?
  8. dude that was joke, if you couldnt see the LOL as in laughting out loude, rolling eyes to the dog poo thrower :p

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    It's all good!
    I will curb my dog for you my Canadian friend.

    Sometimes semantics play a large role in the way you say things.
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    i think the CIA tried a mock simulation using a similar thing. they found it too scary and controversial. Plus its probably too enticing for some people, because what you would do is entice people to do pretty ordinary things for money. it would not be hard to manipulate a market like that if you were nutty enough.
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