Who here trades index futures for a living?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Daal, May 15, 2013.

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    Do they still exist?
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    I'm talking about the minis of course
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    So what you should have asked is who trades stock index mini futures for a living?
  5. I'm on the way...
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    Index futures, yes, I do. Have since late 2006 when transitioning from equities.

    Currently 90+% of my volume is ES, 5-7% 10YR & 6E, remainder smaller swing positions in ags/metals. Never use NQ/YM. Intra-session only on ES/10YR.

    Last year was a slower year for me, but 2013 has heavily picked up. March and April set two consecutive PnL career records for me. ES is trading quite well. Very good fill rates/quality this yr minus a few pockets early-mid April. I monitor the top 20 CME products rather closely, you couldn't pay me to remove ES as my main repertoire.

    Any specifics you would like addressed?
  7. I trade almost every day. usually the Russell 2000.
    I have been trading for 20 years and will be happy to help anyone who needs help within reason.

    I am profitable most every day but have a well defined time during the day that I trade. I do not trade any size that makes me nervous.

    I trade 1 contract to 20 depending on the day, setup etc
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    I have some clients who spread trade the index futures against each other for a living. I would not label them "day traders" but rather swing or position traders.

    One client here in Chicago and two clients in Singapore are particularly good at it in fact.
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    NQ for myself and a few other people as clients.
  10. You should get an award just for that.

    The Russell -- that's ICE (formerly FINEX) right? I used to work in the DX, right next door. The Russell was tiny and sleepy (even more so than the DX).

    I'm curious, are you net long/short or do you do fancier things?
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