Who here is an Accountant??

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  1. or has worked in the Public Accounting industry??

    I was an accountant in my earlier life..
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    I'm an "accountant" if you call it that. I currently work in healthcare in an analyst role, cpa and do some taxes on the side...would like to "trade for a living" eventually
  3. I was an accountant prior to 1993 .
  4. How about wannabe accountant? I'm working on my "150".
  5. I have to apologize, that I never worked as an industry accountant, I've had my degree in accounting and have traded since I was in school. I meant to say, I was an accounting major or a wannabe once. :D
  6. Got my B.S. originally in Chemistry (a long time ago) and started med school (only lasted the 1st year as I could not afford it) and then spent a couple of years in grad school in biochemistry until I figured out I could not make any money in that field.

    Went back to school to get my M.S. in accounting and I'm now a partner for one of the big 4 accounting firms.
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    Was cpa out of college, went back to get mba and never returned to accounting. I actually enjoyed accounting very much in school, but didn't like working in the profession at all.
  8. My wife is. Why? The field is going well. the only thing they have not outsourced yet are the CPA's....
  9. I was, and my wife is. We still did not get our 2006 taxes filed until today (the automatic extension deadline).
  10. I am an auditor - CPA

    But finance is more fun

    My audit manager says Wall Street considers us (accounting firms) as 'insurance'

    When things go wrong, Wall Street simply sues us
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