Who here has Free trading blogs?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by simpleRT, May 23, 2012.

  1. simpleRT


    I'm bored and I started a wordpress one. All free, no ads or anything. Kinda curious if anyone here keeps a blog. Id like to stop by and comment.

    I have been doing some interesting research on pivots this week. I hadn't looked at them closely in a long time... I had never realized before that the intraday market actually reacts to Globex pivots.


    I have heard traders talk about using Globex instead of intraday pivots... I guess enough people use them to cause the market to react. Either that or it's European traders setting up automated trigger orders and going to sleep? LoL...
  2. nursebee



    It is of little use to anyone than myself. I used to trade a lot, brag more about my successes then failures. But at end of year I own up with PnL, No BS or pulled punches. A few gems here and there but you gotta read it all. If bored, worth reading from the start.

    There are a lot of free blogs out there, few with honesty of PnL over the years.

    I have a second blog that shows my 10% per year for the rest of my life investment: http://encsolar.blogspot.com/
  3. simpleRT


    I actually release a weekly analysis of the market each weekend for some friends and whoever wants to see it.

    I'm kinda new to trading really... Only been technical trading a couple years. And I am still revising my current system a little here and there. I don't care for stocks...

    I'm positive in the futures market if you ignore the fact I nearly wiped out a million in the options market back in 2009... LoL! Futures are so awesome... Zero time decay... That time decay in options is BS! I only started trading futures around a year ago...

    Back then I thought technical analysis was just a bunch of nonsense... Then I started to actually watch technicals and win and it changed my mind...