who here had a tough day today ?

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  1. i was almost at break even with all the damn trading i did..its frustrating..i know we are in bull mode but i keep getting shaken out and don't let my winners run..i think deep down i know we can turn on a dime and things can get ugly quickly..ii guess living through the 2000 -2001 meltdown had too much of an affect on me...
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    Was fine until I decided to go counter trend on NOVC. Got so frustrated I logged off. Then it bounces 2 points! :mad:
  3. I had a horrible day, I could not seem to get in sync for some reason.
  4. the market can not migrate to a place where there is a flaw in it's path.

    dime turns no longer appear to be.
  5. Almost everything I've bought recently did well. I'm trading Call options though...maybe you guys are trading something else. All the stocks I am long via calls were in the green and short via puts were in the red. They all pushed hard in the direction I wanted them to go too...DRYS, AXP, GWR, and PDE all looked very nice. Good luck tomorrow, cheers.
  6. not a tough day, just didn't have anything setup for a trade. didn't really have a lot on watchlist entering day anyways, so no big suprise. i made one trade today that was risking very little and wound up breaking even in it. i used to get frustrated by days like today, i'm learning though that it is just best to wait for the good setups, even if it means missing a market-wide rally.
  7. stocks that should be up 2 points pull back and do nothing and stocks that should be down,bounce hard,,,its tough..not that trading is easy but lately i am finding it tough..its funny,the market goes up everyday and almost all traders i talk too are barely making anything..
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    Lost 5K in the last hour or so (index futures). I made an error getting out of a position, both manually and auto. Then doubled downed on that losing position only to get run over.

    I was up 5K having a good day, after the disastor trade, ended up around even. I worked damn hard for that 5K scalping in/out must of made 10+ trades today and I blow it 45 Minutes on one bad trade.

    I feel like shit at the moment, I really hate this jot at times.
  9. i tottaly understand how you feel. i was shaken out of WFR at the end of the day and it bounced right back to 59..not to mention a bunch of others..i was up this morning with a nice trade in DBRN and PVH..gave it all back by getting caught up in the moment,..over trading will get you 9 out of 10 times..my philospohy is this: you make a quick hit early,walk away...
  10. 2006 I can relate. I'm still making newbie mistakes. Yesterday sucked bad due to me trading like an idiot.
    Today was good tho.
    Hang in there.
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