Who has X-trader up and flying?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bighog, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. What I have heard is just after the new year.....maybe the TT people at the Trade Expo in Vegas will give out some hints.
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  2. XStudy comes standard with all levels of X7....not just the Pro version.

    I pay just under $200 a month for Inv R/T (Market Delta/Market Profile) with DTN.IQ feed...........$400 a month sounds very high.

    With the XStudy CVD indicator, TT has all the proper data input they need to have a "per bar Delta" indicator as I use with Investor R/T.......I am sure Alvin and others with TT will keep adding "delta" based indicators as they get XStudy smoothed out.
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  3. Some judge says that eSpeed and the Ecco platform are not infringing any patents?
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  4. Well the Investor RT is about $200.00 and then esignal is another $185 + exchange fees for a total of about $415 per month.

    I need a 1000 symbole for some custom indicators.

    How is DTN, maybee I'll swith since I have been hearing good things about it.
    #14     Nov 7, 2006