Who has X-trader up and flying?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bighog, Nov 5, 2006.

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    How about a list of houses that NOW have X-TRADER 7 with X-STUDY up and flying.

    Surely some have this implemented.

    A few houses out there, not mentioning names refuse to answer e-mails on the subject of X-Study and or X-trader 7.

    What seems to be the problem? I would like to have all trading functions from one dedicated pc..........charts included , etc.
  2. Advantage Futures (first group to bring X7 to the public) and Velocity Futures may have it now also.

    They are not answering your emails because many do not support X7 yet....seems to be a slow process for brokers to add and then PROPERLY support X7.

    From January 1st on, I will be all X7 for all of my trading (that will be so nice....looking forward to it).
  3. I've heard X_Study is causing the servers to run slowly so I know Advantage is not supporting it now and plans to reevaluate when the next version comes out.

    If you trade Eurex I would stay away from v7 for now as it also contains some bugs that causes phantom orders to show up on the MD Trader window.
  4. Yes there are problems and that is why I am going to wait a few more months......X6 is just fine for now (but no XStudy of course with 6).

    Eurex products I trade on NinjaTrader for now....so far so good.
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    thks guys, ISSUES with x-study , ok, but dam it has been out since last january i think.

    I have used x-trader 6 for a couple years before and dropped for awhile to switch brokers and restart with X_7. BEEN a LONG wait.

    I am NOT a big volume trader by daytrading standards because i am picky with signals so am not looking for any kind of elcheapo commissions just an all in one package. X-trader was very reliable when i was with GHCO as clearing outfit. hopefully i can be setup by first of new year. Thanks again
  6. I believe Velocity has it in a limited fashion, they don't have everything on X Study yet.
  7. When is X Trader lite coming out? That's what I want to know? NT is pretty good, but mixing third party applications always have issues, as I have seen first hand.
  8. I talked to Advanatge about getting the X-Study since I am already using TT, and they said that it is slowing down the servers and not sure when it will be available.

    I also belive that only X-trader pro users will have acsess to it, whick kind of sucks since that is $1250 per month compared with $700 for the standard X-Trader.

    But then again esignal and Market Delta cost $400 a month right there so it may be worth if I can get rid of them and use just X-Study, however it doesn't look to impressive and not much more than an overpriced charting program from first glance.
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    i know a friend who works for tradingtechnologies as a programmer, what is X_study even used for? just trading FUTURES is it just a platform??? if so what broker to use?
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