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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Kris, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Kris


    I've used both Trade-Ideas and Trade Navigator to autotrade at IB. I'm not an advanced coder by any means so I use these platforms which have simplified programming languages.

    Trade Ideas was great in the sense that it will scan the entire market/watchlist for my setup and when it sees it will execute on however many candidates it finds. It will instantly buy 10 stocks at once if that's what it sees. The issue with Trade Ideas is that none of the indicators are configurable, so it's extremely limited in the system you can create.

    Trade Navigator is great because you can configure whatever type of technical indicators or trading system you want, not really many boundaries here. The problem is you have to assign your system to one ticker. It won't scan the market for your setup and take multiple positions at once.

    What I'm looking for is the flexibility of system creation that Trade Navigator gives with the ability to scan the entire market and take multiple setups at once.

    Any recommendations?

    Will Tradestation do this?
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    I am hesitant to make a recommendation because I don't know your situation. I am currently working on a "no code" add-on for AlgoTerminal, but depending on your account size, you might be better off with something like Build Alpha and using one of the retail platforms it integrates with.
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  3. oooh tell us more about this no code add on
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    I should have a prototype done sometime next week. Will create a short video and post it.
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    Wealth-Lab has a no-code Strategy Wizard that you can use to develop, backtest, and trade strategies on entire portfolios. It even comes with an extension to upload your trading alerts to WealthSignals (see below). U.S. residents can get Wealth-Lab Pro for free with a qualifying account at Fidelity and autotrade there. If you're non-U.S., then you'll need a Wealth-Lab Developer license and a broker extension for IB at ib-automated-trading.com.
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