Who has the biggest profit?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Who do you know have the biggest profit (using their own capital, not managing others' money)? What is their style of trading? day, scalp, position?

    I am trying to find the limit on day, scalp, and position. I know you can use almost unlimited capitals on position tradings, but how can capital and profit you can generate from scalping (not automated) and day traing?
  2. Honestly, who cares who has the biggest profit. I even learned that this kinda mindset/thinking reaks havok upon your learning.. Don't ask these kind of questions, they are competitive-driven. Honestly, who gives a *beep*.
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    the goals are still useful. i never think myself to be no.1, but top 1% will be doable. if the top guys can only make 20% a year, i will not imagine to do 200% a year.

    i studied future contest winners' trade books, and i found they can only win that high % when they are small.

    my portfolios are first time in $1.5M range now, with profits, margin and new investments. i need to know what i expect, so i can decide if i only do position trades, or i need to day trade to increase profits.
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    Most who think they need to "add daytrading to their mix to increase profits".. end up hurting profits. Maybe that won't be you.
  5. Suppose a guy was up from Jan - March of last year 100% then stopped the downward spiral in the last 10 weeks of the year to end up with a little over 1% for the year. It was my account, knowing this didn't help me, hope it helps you.

    Now for this year, I was up 22% and currently am up about 6% now.

    I think it was Michael Douglas refering to his father who said "my dad started out selling apples with one apple cart. I only needed two apple carts to outperform my dad. Point being everything is relative.