Who has the best live calls?

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    I know everyone is going to say that I should learn it on my own, but I've tried that and its not working. I would rather just subscribe to some daytrading room than join a prop firm (as I've already met with plenty of them). I know there is no holy grail, but I think I would benefit from daily guidance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm afraid to say for fear of being assualted. sandp500analyst.com is a bit pricey, but good. That's all I'll say. The stuff works.
  3. Well, I have a friend who was using him and he just told me that the sandp guy just canceled his "premium" room (where the live calls had to generate $5k+ a month or you didn't pay your $500/month fee). His premium room went one month (didn't make the $5k) and he dropped it in favor of keeping the cheaper (and higher user base).
    I used to bug him about how he was doing and it seemed that overall he was flat or maybe slightly up (disregarding commissions). My buddy seemed slightly disillusioned with him (he got to keep the $75/room at no charge since he was in the first batch of subscribers).
    Maybe his teaching was ok, but it appeared to me that his live calls were pretty sporadic.
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    He didn't drop the other room, he's just holding it off for a couple weeks. He said it got too complicated trying to do two rooms at once. From what I understand he'd hired some help but the guy kept screwing up, so he's looking for new help.

    Results were dissappointing but I have faith in him. Over the last week he's been making the ES tag trades in the normal room and they've all been working.
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    I better stop talking because I can sense the schill callers coming soon.
  6. I'm not saying he isn't a decent trader (his website seemed to contain some decent tutorial stuff). I'm just saying that my friend seemed pleased one day and pissed the next, so his performance seemed very inconsistent and it appeared to me that he was quickly rocketing from a free website to one pay room to a second "premium" room all in the span of a month or two.
    Maybe it was just growing pains and it'll iron itself out...
    Anyway, that's observations from two different people so the OP can decide from there and I think thats a good place to stop.
  7. Is Aug 2009 your start date? If so, then your below post would be more appropriate in Aug 2011.

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    June 2009 is my trading start date. Is 6 months of confusion and failure not enough to seek help? I can not afford to do it for 2 years and make nothing. If I'm being unrealistic, please tell me. thx
  9. Quote from ajtixs:

    I would rather just subscribe to some daytrading room than join a prop firm

    You will spend a lot of money until you realize they really don't work. They use tricks such as entries or exits that their subscribers never get, or put track record results that are the MAX favorable price, instead of a realistic exit, etc.

    Is 6 months of confusion and failure not enough to seek help? I can not afford to do it for 2 years and make nothing.

    Unless you learn to trade yourself, you are going to find out that your chances of losing your money or just breaking even, is probably near 98+%.

    If I'm being unrealistic, please tell me.

    Very very unrealistic. This is how people start - they want to quit their job, start being profitable within a few months, etc.

    And be very wary about people "suggesting" something - they are usually either shills or newbie traders, who do not realize all the costs, complexities and shenanigans that go on with a paid service.

    If you can get it for a few hundred a month, the only one making money, will be the person you are paying.

    People do not sell a true, quantifiable edge for a low price, but they are happy to sell smoke and mirrors

    There are a LOT of threads similar to yours on ET. I strongly suggest you deeply study MANY of them, to get an idea of what it is really like.

    And if you accidentally trip over a real edge, then you will discover rule 2, that unless you have superior money mgmt, trade mgmt, potrfolio mgmt, etc, you can still lose your shirt (and pants, and socks, and...)
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    guys that BEG you to subscribe to your youtube video and BEG you to rate their videos.....What do you think?

    I say horrible trader and will beg for your money anyway possible

    Please, Please subscribe...

    yea, real traders do that.

    only gurus do

    If you pay for a live room you clearly can't think for yourself and the hope you have will ruin you.

    Of course you think this is a wise business decision....but it's likely one of the dumbest, since you will train your mind to think like a loser.

    yes, you are your own boss?? lol

    seriously, don't fall for this liveroom scam or youtube frauds
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