Who has the best Historical Tick Data?

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  1. I just got off the phone with Metastock and E-Signal, they offer 30 days and 10 days of historical tick data, respectively.

    I'd really like to have more data and I'm ok writing code and using API's.

    I saw the Tick data website and they were like $50k for data, and that's not going to happen.

    Who has the best (longest & cheapest) Historical Tick Data?


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    120 days tick, 2 years minute, $50 per month excluding exchange fees.
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    eSignal actually provides up to 40 days of ticks.


  4. >120 days tick, 2 years minute, $50 per month excluding exchange fees.

    KInetick has no phone number to call and it looks like a $300 monthly trap if you set it up and then don't use it for a month.

    I'm actually only interested in stock data right now, do I have to sign up for CME, CBOT, NYMEX etc... ??

  5. It looks like you also have to get a ninja trader subscription to access the Kinetick data.

    So how much is all that together for just stocks?

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    Send an email to kinetick for an exact quote, you only pay for exchange fees for which data you require. For example, if you only needed NASDAQ L1 data, it would cost you $55 per month total.
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    No, you do not need a NinjaTrader subscription to access Kinetick.
  8. Seems like step one is connect to ninja trader

    From https://www.kinetick.com/support#Connect

    Connect to Kinetick

    Prior to setting up a Kinetick account connection, you MUST have installed the NinjaTrader 7 trading platform.

    Download NinjaTrader 7 here.

    Kinetick Free End of Day Service

    1.Start NinjaTrader
    2.From within the Control center window, select the menu "File > Connect > Kinetick > – End of Day (Free)"

    Kinetick Real Time Service

    1.Start NinjaTrader
    2.From within the Control Center window, select the menu "Tools > Account Connections…"
    3.In the Account Connection Set Up window, press the "Add…" button
    4.Follow the instructions provided in the Connection Wizard
    5.Enter Your Kinetick user name and password
    6.For back adjusted continuous futures contract data enable "Use back adjusted data"
    7.If you are participating in the CME data fee waiver program, please be sure to enable this option and fully understand how the waiver program works. You are responsible for ensuring that the fees are waived.8.Complete the Wizard
    9.You will now be able to connect via the Control Center window menu "File > Connect"
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    Correct. You need NinjaTrader which can be used for free. What you don't need is a paid subscription to NinjaTrader.
  10. Please let me know what you find. :)

    I`m looking at buying historical tick data (although minute could probably do) myself. Fortunately for me, I only need one symbol to start out and that seems to be affordable from Tick Data.
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