Who has more Reliable Buy/Sell Stops Than IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by version77, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Who has more reliable buy/sell stops than IB with about the
    same commission structure? Without the Disconnects? Without
    the Downtime, ect? Without the terrible customer service?
  2. If IB is the most reliable I am in deep doo-doo... :(
  3. try Goldman
  4. hans130


    what is wrong with your stop orders? Xoomtrade has two criterias before your stop orders are triggered and executed, one is time and sales and the second is bid/ask. Once both criterias are met, then the order is triggered and executed.
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    nice to see you finally put a tag and admit you're from pointdirex after all of your posts inferring otherwise :)

    version, you had one stop blown due to a blip in the data. no price feed is perfect but I think we do as good a job as anyone when it comes to simulated stops. Your other claims aren't true but hey, everyone's entitled to there own opinion.

    fx: not 100% sure if they're even supported.
  6. Would be nice to know if NYSE supports buy/sell stops or not
    and if they do then why doesn't IB? As far as the one blown
    stop, that is true. It didn't trigger for over an hour. That is more
    than just a blip in the data isn't it? Seems like a Long blip... :D
    I guess having my first blown stop in 2 years has let me down.
    I seek perfection and I hope IB does too...

  7. You seek perfection????? You are in the wrong game. Far as NYSE, yes the specialists accept stops....proceed with caution!
  8. CyberTrader provides persistent server held stops, including trailing stops. You can even log off of your system and, if your stop is met, your order will execute. I might suggest placing the stop on the inside bid or ask to avoid an execution/missed execution due to a bad print. Our commission structure will not be exactly the same as IB (depending on how many shares you trade it's very possible CyberTrader is cheaper), but the little extra you may pay will get you consistent streaming data and easy and quick access to registered representatives - not minimum wage operators .:)