Who has MFE and MAE functions built in?

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    Long time no post...

    MFE and MAE are metrics I used to manually track in excel. However, I dont have the time for that anymore. So, I need something plug and play into my IB account. Or even an FCM reco of a firm that tracks these in their software.

    Thanks folks.
  2. ninjatrader
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    What are MFE and MAE?
  4. maximal favorable excursion
    maximal adverse excursion

    from entry of trade to exit
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    In all of my trading, I have never looked at MAE and MFE figures, aside from a cursory glance. They will not help my trading in any way. It's just a BS plugger to get folks to "oooh" and "ahhh" about a piece of software analysis.

    I don't need to see how much I could have made or lost on each trade after I closed it at it's target. (I can see that by continuing to watch the market for a few minutes). That is a road to ruin, that idea.

    "Wow! If I had not followed my rules, I could have made 30 more tics!"

    "Wow! If I had not followed my rules, I could have lost 30 more tics!"

    See? It is a pointless statistic. USELESS!
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    thank you.
  7. AMibroker has it
    i get these results when i get my back testing reports on Amibroker, i use them to evaluate each trade to see if there is a common denominator or trait thats common among the losers and try to install a hard set rule to eliminate them, and if i find a rule i also make sure to measure how many winner it knocked out with it
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    Thanks Spectre
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    Oh good. I own amibroker. I guess I've never seen it because I don't write my systems on that. Excellent news thank you

    I employ it similarly. I also design risk solely around certain averages and rolling wins/losses of the system.

  10. u have to check the tab so that it shows up
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