Who has inspired you???

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    I was thinking the other day....if I could meet say "hi and thanks" to one person or one trader that really made a difference to me...who would it be?

    maybe it is a book, or a legend, or a story, or a bank account that really inspired you..sho would it be...

    For me it is a very close #1, #2....it is between the Legendary Soros...and Jack Schwagger.

    Soros in my opinion is the most successful man of all time. from his back ground and the way he settleed as an imigrant in the USA to take the world on is nothig short of legendary. i also love his opposition to the bush clan. I think that Soros has done more than any single man to promote democracy world wide.

    I have to say however, jack schwagger is the guy that has influenced my trading life the most. i love the stories and lessons. I would love to shake his hand and say "thanks for making a difference. thanks for keeping the dream alive."

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    This will be nice thread to discuss about. I have not read a lot of books. I have just reading some books....

    As of now, I would certainly want to thank William O'Neil.
  3. J. Welles Wilder
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    How do you put Soros in front of Warren Buffett?????

  5. the dark lord far exceeds the sage in the real world of trading.

  6. Jenna Jameson
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    "buy and hold" buffett?????? that guy is not an inspiration.
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    "If you have a hero, look again. You have probably diminished yourself in some way."

    Eric Hoffer
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    Mark Douglas
  10. Beebers


    Linda Raschke. Period.
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