Who has connections at Knight?

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  1. I have been trying to contact Knight Equity Markets through both email and on the phone but im not getting very far. I would like to work for them as I know they are one of the biggest market making firms in OTC securities.

    Any help guys?

  2. Go to Harvard or Wharton or U Chicago or Kellogg and put that on your resume. You'll get a call then :mad:
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    .............. - not very funny, could be construed as a "terrorist threat" so I deleted it. I love the traders at Knight Trading. A very honest and upstanding group of people. :p

  4. Sorry I didn't see what you wrote in the first place. Also im not sure if your being sarcastic or not (hard to tell sometimes on these message boards). However if you know anybody at knight that could help me out I would really appreciate it.


  5. I am actually only a senior in high school and will be graduating early this year to move to Chicago to find work as a trader. Im not exactly the Harvard/U Chicago type (never have been).

    I know however that you run a hedge fund correct?

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    No, I don't know anyone at Knight. But they killed me once when i used to scalp Naz stocks by getting in between the spread, they wanted to teach me a lesson. (My broker sells their order flow to Knight)
  7. The unfortunate truth about landing a job in the trading industry is you either have to have an Ivy League education or you need to know someone. I had neither and tried and tried and tried and trie.....ahhh....you get the idea. I never got a job with any trading firm, mutual fund, hedge fund, or any other financial institution that lead in the direction of these industries so I figured I'd try to enter the business on my own and yes, I do now run a hedge fund but it was a long long road. You really have two choices. You can either get the education or you can teach yourself and create a way of standing out. I know a guy who recently landed a job with a trading firm after graduating with an MS in Aeronautical Engineering from a state school (a good one) so you don't actually have to go to Kellogg but you do have to be pretty smart and catch someone's eye one way or another. If you are not the Ivy League type then consider IIT in Chicago. They have a decent financial markets program that offers a trading track but you have to be pretty smart to get into that school too. If you want it badly enough you can do it but.....having a lot of experience in this business I can tell you, there are definitely easier ways to make money. Trading is a bitch of a business.

  8. So true...Best Regards

  9. Youngtrader, the amount of effort you will put into doing good in school is FAR less then the amount of effort it will take to make it on your own as as a trader and STAY successful.. I guarantee it. I was the same way as you when I was your age. I'm not much older (20) and regret not doing better in school. I am getting my act together now, academically speaking, and aiming for ivy league for my masters program. I am also running a small commodity pool - a hedge fund in some sense of the word - and I have to say that going ivy league would have been 10x easier then the hell I had to go through to get to this point.

    Trading is a numbers and probability game and these are the stats.. with an ivy league degree, your income potential is significantly increased. Heck, your odds of having an income are significantly increased.

    Long story short.. an ivy league degree is a real-life stop loss in the trading game.

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    Thanks for the insight. I have always been the type that had to go through the window instead of the door to get my way in (and I was taught that when the window is blocked go through the chimmney, etc). I have always had to outhink, outwit, outsmart my opponent to get what I wanted done. Im a street fighter and have been raised that way all my life. My dad was one, my grandfather was one and my great grandfather was one when he came here from Ireland. Its who I am and its who I will likely always be.

    I am actually a very successful trader believe it or not. I have made just under $100,000 dollars since I got started in this business. Over 80% of that is documented in my journal I had (youngtraders commodity journal).

    However I am always looking for the bigger better deal and am always open to anything that will make me better as a professional.

    I have heard that knight is one of the biggest MMs in the OTC industry. I think that there is a ton of money to be made in that particular market (mainly OTCBB and the pinks). That is why I ask if anybody knows of someone who would be able to help me out.
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